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PostMortem 090307


Ok it was pretty crazy.  We had 7 XBOXs networked and about 12 players. There was an eight XBOX that didn’t have a Halo 3 game to go with it.  Kristen played Rayman Raving Rabbits with Dave D. on it.  I think we’ll be ready for a break and play one man per XBOX  next time.

Game Night 090306


XBOX night this Friday at 6:00pm. Pizza will be served.

We’ll start with Halo 3 and around 8:00 we’ll break up or switch to other games depending on who brings their XBOX and what games they bring.

So bring your XBOX if you can or bring your Games (H3, COD4, COD WAW, GOW, GOW2).  Be sure you have your name on all your stuff.

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