I want to thank everyone for supporting XBOX night over the past 3 1/2 years.  I started it to give David and his friends a SAFE place to play without going online and dealing with all the inappropriateness that you find there.  I also just wanted to provide something fun to do with friends on a Friday night.  The kids are older now and the list of players has grown.  The games have also changed. Halo3 allows up to 4 kids to play on one XBOX and for 16 people total to play together in a network game.   Most games today including the popular Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 allows 4 players to play on a single XBOX, but you can’t network to another XBOX.  The kids are also old enough now where they care that they have to share a screen and have a lesser experience.

We had a great turnout last week but for the most part the kids wanted to play CODMW2, so we ended up having several separate games going and kids didn’t really interact that much.   It has also become difficult to accommodate so many kids in our home and keep everyone connected and happy.

So from here on out, XBOX Night is transitioning to a different setup.  We will no longer have “open” invitations to anyone that wants to come over.  If you plan to attend, you MUST bring an XBOX 360 AND a copy of CODMW2 (or whatever game we might choose).  Ideally I’d like to see 6 XBOXs so we can play 3 on 3 with each person on their own XBOX.  We will start probably around 6:00.  Between 9 & 10pm we will go online and play a private match. So if you have an XBOX 360 and the game we are playing, you can join from home!  We’ll continue playing until midnight or so.

If this excludes any of our regulars, I’m sorry.   Remember, to play from home with us, besides the XBOX and game you will need an XBOX Live Gold Account.  They are $50/year and in my opinion a great value.

I will not be sending out emails to this distribution list any longer.  I will continue to post here at http://xboxnight.wordpress.com/ so you can continue to follow us.  Hope to see you next month.

-Alan & David