Now that we plan to focus on 1 player 1 xbox, I would like for each station to be as enjoyable as possible.  My house has 2 Samsung LCD TV’s that offer the best HD experience.  I also recently bought a 24in flatscreen monitor for home that I use when I work at home on my laptop.  I bought a model that has an HDMI connection.  This allows us to have a very nice 3rd HD experience with an XBOX. David often prefers this over the Samsung TVs.  Finally I have a 32-in and 27-in tube TV that does not offer an HD experience.  Three more station can be setup with various computer monitors, again no HD experience.

Sooo, if anyone is inclined to upgrade there home computer monitor or are planning on buying a new system, I highly recommend getting one that has an HDMI connector and paying a little extra for the convenient monitor speakers.  You can the bring it to XBOX night and guarantee you have an HD experience.