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Post Mortem 070601


We had a fantastic night tonight.   Two classic XBOXs and two XBOX 360s.  One projector.  We usually had 8 playing Halo2, 2 per screen which is the perfect setup.  We played some new games.  Capture the flag for the first time.  David and Matt took on everyone else and learned that unlike Slayer, there IS an advantage with large numbers on a team.  We easily defeated them in CTF.  We played Missle Launchers only which was new and fun, for some.The Kordes’s brought their WII which is alwasy a hit with the younger kids and offers a break to some of the Halo2 players.At closing, some stuck around to watch Planet Earth on HD.

Game Night June 1


We’re on tonight at 7:30.  Later start than usual so eat before coming. We’ll provide drinks.

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