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Game Night May 4


We’re on this Friday at 6:30.I’d like to have a 360 game going and a clasic Halo2 game going.We can play Gears of War or Call of Duty 2 if we have enough XBOX 360s. If you can bring your XBOX 360 and one of those games then you can play the 360 game. Everyone else can play Halo2.Please leave a comment if you can bring your XBOX 360 and GOW or COD2. I may be tight with screens.

Game Night April 6


We’re on for this weekend.  The Kleymeyers have added an XBOX 360 connected to a 32″ HDTV to their home.   We might have a classic Halo2 game and a 360 Gears of War game going at the same time.

Game time: 6:30

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