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Post Mortem 090110


We had six XBOX’s hooked up and a remote one in play. We had a seventh handy but did not hook it up. At one point we had 4 consoles playing Gears of War 2, 2 consoles playing Call of Duty 4 with Billy joining in from home, and another setup to play COD WAR split-screen. We also played a little Rock band on a Console when we ran out of game disks. We took a break to play 4 person Little Big Planet on the PS3. It was hectic but fun.

In attendance with their XBOX were Jake,  Jacob, Tommy, Connor and Dmitri.  Jay was a guest of Jacob’s and Ed came bringing his PS3 controller.

Game Night Jan 9 6:30


This month we’ll delay XBOX night a week because of the holidays.

We will be gathering next Friday Jan 9 at 6:30, rather than tomorrow. This night will be limited to those that have COD4, COD WAW, or Gears of War 2 and can bring their console. Each of these games supports only 1 player per console. If you have one of these games, but do not wish to bring your console but want to play from home (and have an XBOX Gold Live Account) we can accommodate that and connect online. Please confirm if you plan to participate.


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