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PostMortem 071215


Not a huge turnout but the ones that showed up had fun.  We had guitar hero going and some crazy Halo3 Warthog rampage and Forge Play.

Split screen Game Clip


Very Cool.  After  recording and downloading some clips I figured out how to combine them into one movie. So enjoy this clip of David capturing his second flag (with Ed’s help) for the win while I stay at our base and defend.  Cassidy was on the elephant’s tourret until she got killed, but I avenged her death!

Game Night Dec 15


Sorry, due to the Lake Travis semi-final match which we’ve decided to attend at Jane’s Alma Mater (A&M), we’ve moved XBOXNIGHT to Saturday at 6:30.  Pizza will be served

Game Night Dec 14


We’ve had to postpone XBOXNIGHT a week this month.  Hope to see you next Friday 6:00. Pizza will be served.

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