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PostMortem 080905


We had 4 players playing COD4.  David & Dmitri took on Alan and Ed and beat them handedly.  David Ed vs Dmitri Alan was a bit more even.  It was the first time we played COD4 system link and we didn’t experience andy problems.  We’ll try for 6 players next time.

Game Night 080905


We’re trying something new this “season”.  We’re putting Halo on a hiatus for XBOX Night and introducing Call of Duty 4 for our first XBOX night of the school year. That’s this Friday Sept 5th at 6:00.  Pizza will be served.  $5 donation/person is always welcome.

Though Halo 3 was rated ‘M’ I always considered it to be a fairly mild ‘M’. Call of Duty 4 is very realistic in its depiction of War and earns its M rating; it’s definitely not for every youngster.

The COD 4 multiplayer game is also not as party friendly in that only one person can play per console. Therefore, this Friday, we can only invite those that can bring an XBOX and a COD 4 game with them. Everyone that can make it MUST RSVP.  No surprise visitors since there is no flexibility in setting up (1 person per screen). For those that CAN bring an XBOX & COD4, you can invite one guest; though be prepared to switch out with them if they come to play!

Gears of War 2 is scheduled to come out in November.  It is one of the BEST co-op games and we may try it on XBOX night when it comes out.  I read a review in XBOX magazine about a new “Horde” mode that allows 5 people to go up against increasingly harder waves of computer-generated foes.  There are also some interesting new multi-player games such as “Submission” which is capture the flag with the twist added that the flag is alive and shoots at you!

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