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Game Night Dec 1


Let’s meet at 6:00 this Friday. If we don’t come up with anything better we’ll do pizza again.

Postmortem: 061104


We had one of our best nights to date. Lots of new faces.
Angel from the office came with two of his friends Oliver and Tim. Oliver brought his XBOX classic and Angel brought his 360 and a HD projector. Ed brought his classic and I provided 3 more classics. That matched our Aug 18 night where we had 6 XBOXs. Michael, Cassidy’s teacher, Sanjeev, and Kevin and his son Kyle rounded out the group.

We setup Angel’s XBOX and projector in the front room against a wall. It was a big hit. Sanjeev even stopped playing towards the end and simply pulled up the chair to watch the “big-screen” as if he were watching a movie.

Angel was clearly the strongest player followed by Oliver and Tim. David held his own and impressed the veteran “gamers”.

There were was lots of high-tech gamer talk and as usual, Jane had a nice spread of snacks and drinks to go along with the pizza.

The great thing about last night is that most players had a dedicated screen throughout the night.  Headsets weren’t working well for some reason.  I’d like to fix that for next time.

Game Night Nov 3


Game night this month begins at 7:00. For anyone arriving hungry, we’ll order pizza.
Last month, capture the flag didn’t work that well. Mainly because we had several novice players and they didn’t know the maps well enough to be effective. We’ll go back to slayer and team slayer this week.

As usual, leave a comment to let me know if you are coming and let me know if you are bringing an XBOX. The more the merrier (and less screen sharing).

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