Game Night

Game Night 090807


This Friday is xbox night at 6:00.Pizza will be served.We will be playing Call of Duty 4,Call of Duty World at War,or Gears of War 2. Remember, these games only allow one person per console so bring what you’ve got or come prepared to share.

Game Night 090703


No XBOX night this holiday weekend.

Instead, anyone that wants to, let’s plan to meet up online and play a private online game.

David and I will be on at 7pm this Friday.

Game Night 090404


Due to baseball season conflicts we’re moving XBOX night to this Saturday at 6:30. Food will be served. This will be a Bring-Your-Xbox-To-Play night. We’ll be playing COD WAW or COD 4 or GOW. Bring what you’ve got and we’ll play what we have the most of. As before, you can invite a friend to rotate in on your XBOX if you want. These three games only allow 1 player per console. Please RSVP so I can have a station setup for you. -Alan

Game Night 090306


XBOX night this Friday at 6:00pm. Pizza will be served.

We’ll start with Halo 3 and around 8:00 we’ll break up or switch to other games depending on who brings their XBOX and what games they bring.

So bring your XBOX if you can or bring your Games (H3, COD4, COD WAW, GOW, GOW2).  Be sure you have your name on all your stuff.

PostMortem 080905


We had 4 players playing COD4.  David & Dmitri took on Alan and Ed and beat them handedly.  David Ed vs Dmitri Alan was a bit more even.  It was the first time we played COD4 system link and we didn’t experience andy problems.  We’ll try for 6 players next time.

Game Night 080905


We’re trying something new this “season”.  We’re putting Halo on a hiatus for XBOX Night and introducing Call of Duty 4 for our first XBOX night of the school year. That’s this Friday Sept 5th at 6:00.  Pizza will be served.  $5 donation/person is always welcome.

Though Halo 3 was rated ‘M’ I always considered it to be a fairly mild ‘M’. Call of Duty 4 is very realistic in its depiction of War and earns its M rating; it’s definitely not for every youngster.

The COD 4 multiplayer game is also not as party friendly in that only one person can play per console. Therefore, this Friday, we can only invite those that can bring an XBOX and a COD 4 game with them. Everyone that can make it MUST RSVP.  No surprise visitors since there is no flexibility in setting up (1 person per screen). For those that CAN bring an XBOX & COD4, you can invite one guest; though be prepared to switch out with them if they come to play!

Gears of War 2 is scheduled to come out in November.  It is one of the BEST co-op games and we may try it on XBOX night when it comes out.  I read a review in XBOX magazine about a new “Horde” mode that allows 5 people to go up against increasingly harder waves of computer-generated foes.  There are also some interesting new multi-player games such as “Submission” which is capture the flag with the twist added that the flag is alive and shoots at you!

Game Night May 3rd


Busy Friday, we have to move XBOX night to this Saturday.  If you can make it, you can come by starting at 5:30. We’ll order Pizza.


For those that have XBOX’s but don’t care to bring them, it would help if you could bring a controller or two. We seem to run short of them.  Other accessories that help: Headset, wireless dongle. COD4 game.


Of course the more consoles we have the less sharing we’ll have to do.


Let’s try to get a few challenge matches in and we might split up into two different groups so it doesn’t get so crazy trying to get everyone ready for a single game.


Please leave a comment if you can make it.

PostMortem 080307


We had 5 XBOXs and 14 players.   We started out with a couple of ladder challenges.David defended his #1 by beating JR 15-7 on High Ground.  Dimitri jumped to the top of the pack by defeating Jacob and moving to #3 also playing on High Ground.  Connor defended his #2 position by defeating Ed 8-3 with the 15 minute time limit running out.  We welcomed  first timers Jake, Zach, and Kevin. 

Here is an amazing clip of Dimitri’s Grenade Jump used to assassinate Jacob in High Ground.

Game Night Mar 7


We’ll be meeting at 6:30 this week.  Please RSVP if you plan to come by responding to email or leaving a comment here.

Food will be provided.

We’ll have 2 games going at the same time; a Halo 3 and a Call of Duty 4 game.

PostMortem 081201


Record night!We had 6 XBOX 360’s with three additional in the wings (owners didn’t bring them).  We can officially say that we have completely transitioned to the 360 and won’t be using classics anymore even for secondary games.This was probably the best layout we’ve ever had maximizing the most screen space.  Maxed out we had:4 playing on a 32″ HDTV in 1080i2 playing on a 40″ HDTV in 1080p2 playing on a projector against a wall2 playing on a 27″ TV2 playing on a 21″ wide LCD monitorWe maxed out the game at 16 with a total of 17 people playing during the night:MattHansPaulParkerHudsonJohnDavidTommyJayConnorHunterAlanKristenDimitriJRLeeSanjeevThe night taught us that we’ll have to have a little more planning next time so that things go smoother.  To that end I will now ask anyone that plans to attend to RSVP at least by the night before.  If you won’t know until the last minute, you are welcome to come but you will not get priority in whatever layout/games/tournament/challenges we come up with to accomodate everyone that RSVPed.More ideas on how will mix things up next coming soon….

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