XBOX units can use a TV, or can also use a PC monitor with a special adapter, for their display. Ideally you want each player to have his own screen to maximize the display size. Two players on one screen isn’t too bad but once you go to 1/4 of the screen it starts to feel cramped. Our goal is to have each person have his own screen (1 person for each XBOX) and a maximum of two people per screen/xbox.

Naturually, having an even number of players is ideal. But due to the different levels of play of the participants, this isn’t as important. David always goes against 2-3 other players in our home and he always wins.

Initially 8 players will be the goal using a minimum of 4 XBOX’s. 8 XBOX’s with 8 Screens would be the ideal setup; but we can mix and match 4-8 XBOX’s with 4-8 screens (combination of TV’s and PC Monitors).

I have 5 scan converter boxes (great demo sale going on) that allow an XBOX to use a PC Monitor and 3 TV’s that can be conveniently setup. All I really need participants to bring (if they own one) is their XBOX’s, 1 controller and the RGB & Power cables.

We can play one of two ways. We can play an XBOX Live “LIKE” network game using the free Kia XLINK software. The software connects XBOX’s that are signed up for the service, on a “virtual” network to setup XLINK games as if the XBOX’s were connected on a network in the same room.

Or we can simply connect them directly to each other and play a true XLINK network game. In the future if the number of participants grow, we can setup multiple sites and use Kia XLINK to setup a private game.