What to bring

  • An XBOX 360, of course. Don’t forget power chord and video cord.
  • Headset
  • Controller with new batteries or fully charged battery pack
  • Games
    • Gears of War
    • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
  • Snacks or drinks are always welcome and can substitute for the $5 donation
  • If you have it, an LCD monitor, especially if it has composite/component/HDMI connections AND speakers.


  • Erik Hamilton (17 years)

    Hey Kleymeyers! I can’t believe it is Wednesday already…and I never emailed to let you know about Erik coming to Friday nights tournament. He is looking forward to it! Are the parents still invited? If so, what can I bring or do to help?

  • Madhavi Nookala (17 years)

    Cool, Sanjeev will be there to join the game around 7.00PM. Thank you so much for inviting him to join the fun! I read the house rules and other details. Thanks for giving us information.

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