Is Race To Nowhere critical of school districts?

I haven’t seen the Race To Nowhere documentary movie, only the trailer.  I worry that the documentary may not be received well by LTISD administrators so I contacted one of the Texas High Schools that recently screened the movie.  This is what the Principle had to say:

We showed the film last night to our community.  It made an impact on every member in the audience (parent, student, teacher, counselor, administrator, school board member).  The film does not ‘bash’ any particular group and ends with action steps for each group.

I am the principal at my campus and felt this was a message that we all needed to hear.  I would be glad to speak to your administration about showing it.  I do not see it as critical in any sense but rather makes us reflect on our profession and philosophies.

Good luck.  Let me know how it works out for you.

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  1. I saw the movie this winter, as a few of the parents at my school provided a screening. Very thought-provoking. We had a great discussion afterwards, and some of the most powerful comments were provided by the high school students who attended.

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