What makes a good teacher?

The Science of Great Teaching

In a nutshell, the organization’s (Teach for America) definition of a great teacher is as unassailable as it is unsustainable for mere mortals. According to TFA’s model, highly effective teachers: (1) set high expectations, (2) recruit every child and their family in the endeavor, (3) plan carefully, (4) execute precisely, (5) continuously “increase effectiveness,” and, as if this were not enough, (6) “work relentlessly.”

Measures of Effective Teaching (Suppoted by Bill & Melinda Gates)

Current measures of teaching rarely take into account the full range of what teachers do, or the context in which they teach. The Measures of Effective Teaching project is different. It’s informed by the real work of real teachers in real classrooms. It goes beyond the exclusive use of student assessments as a proxy for effectiveness and, instead, is geared to developing a set of measures that together serve as an accurate indicator of a teacher’s impact on student achievement.

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