Teacher Morale Plummets

Walt writes about latest results on teacher satisfaction

The 29th annual MetLife Survey of the American Teacher confirms what was expected. I’m referring now to teacher satisfaction, which is the lowest in a quarter of a century. Specifically, only 39 percent of teachers said they were very satisfied, and more than half said they felt under “great stress” several days a week.

These results are not at all surprising in light of the pressure that public school teachers and principals are under to produce quantifiable outcomes.

Comments are worth reading as well:

I’ve been doing this job for 20 years, and all I hear from others in my strata and higher is how they cannot wait to get away from the stupid nonsense that is permeating education today.

We feel powerless. Micromanaged. Distrusted to do our jobs. To hell with actual pedagogy and learning theory. Let’s try this new fad. And punish the non-conformist. Data. Test. Data. Exam. Data. Ugh.