Is Race To Nowhere critical of school districts?

I haven’t seen the Race To Nowhere documentary movie, only the trailer.  I worry that the documentary may not be received well by LTISD administrators so I contacted one of the Texas High Schools that recently screened the movie.  This is what the Principle had to say:

We showed the film last night to our community.  It made an impact on every member in the audience (parent, student, teacher, counselor, administrator, school board member).  The film does not ‘bash’ any particular group and ends with action steps for each group.

I am the principal at my campus and felt this was a message that we all needed to hear.  I would be glad to speak to your administration about showing it.  I do not see it as critical in any sense but rather makes us reflect on our profession and philosophies.

Good luck.  Let me know how it works out for you.

Great Schools

In researching what web address to register for this site I came across the website Great Schools.  There  are some comments left by parents about  Lake Travis High School.   Most are a bit dated but still an interesting read. Click HERE for parent’s review of our school district.  I’ve copied them all as of today below:

Posted September 19, 2009

school, Great Academics, Top Notch Sports

Submitted by a parent

2 out of 5 stars

Posted August 9, 2009

schools administration needs a complete makeover. It seems that
the students are not the ‘priority’
when it comes to our kids. We definitely have first hand experience. Instead of
correcting problems they would rather justify a coach’s or teachers actions.
Hopefully, this year will be better.
Submitted by a parent

5 out of 5 stars

Posted November 27, 2008

come from the top rated school district in the
Chicago suburbs I came to Austin with
guarded optomism. Lake Travis has exceeded our expectations. The AP classes,
arts and extra curricular oppertunities are great. My son does not play football
and contrary to some other responses, LT football does not over shadow or
diminish the excellence of LT’s other sports (particularily girls volleyball,
soccer and basketball), arts or academic curriculums. At the football halftime 2
weeks ago all the National Merit finalists were honored, not sports players.
Best move we ever made and glad we are in Lake Travis with 2400 students than
Westlake with 5500 students.
Submitted by a parent

4 out of 5 stars

Posted June 10, 2008

a public school, they do a lot. It’s big
and diverse and the staff tends to have
a heavy hand with discipline.
Submitted by a parent


5 out of 5 stars

Posted February 12, 2008

school focuses on a variety of components that help
students on their ways to a better
college career. True, a 98 average barely gets you into the top ten percent, but
the AP classes have great teachers and all other teachers are very motivating as
well. All sports teams have had a turn in the state playoffs– tennis won state
and the well known football team also won this last year. Students are very
involved in the community and full of school pride.
Submitted by a student

5 out of 5 stars

Posted December 2, 2007

school for a highly motivated student and/or college prospect
athlete. Not a good school for those
kids with any sort of difficulty. Expect little support if your kid gets in
trouble, they’d rather you leave than help the kid back on the right track.
Football is what this school is all about. Huge stadium, indoor football field
and a weight room bigger than our Gold’s Gym. They will not build another HS.
They’d like to have 10 Middle Schools feeding this one mega-campus. Again great
school for a college prospect football player. But most kids are not able to
compete in any sports because of the size of the school.Tough to get in College
from this school an an 80% average puts you in the 4th quartile.
Submitted by a parent

5 out of 5 stars

Posted August 1, 2007

institutes of study focusing on arts, sciences, and other
areas, while still new, are a great way
to get students focused on their futures. Fine Arts education, especially the
Cavalier Band and theater arts programs at LTHS, is exceptional, and Agriculture
studies are also growing strong. Sure, football gets a lot of emphasis, but the
Cavaliers generate great school pride. As for parental involvement, in addition
to a strong PTA, the district has an Education Foundation formed by volunteers
that funds hundreds of thousands of dollars to the schools each year, primarily
to programs in this high school.
Submitted by a parent

4 out of 5 stars

Posted June 2, 2007

have to laugh at the comment posted about the
football team being great. It is not.
They can’t get past bi-district level playoffs. $500,000 wweight room can’t make
puny kids bigger. As for kids going to Div 1 colleges – it simply is not true
maybe one in the history of the school Reesing that is it! Football gets too
much $ and attention. Also whites and hispanics do not mix at the school or
socially. About 25% take AP classes, so large amount still not college driven.
AP and honors calssses are excellent and those teachers are really good and care
about their students. Competitive students hard to be in top 10%. 98 average
does not get you in top 10%.
Submitted by a parent


4 out of 5 stars

Posted October 6, 2006

a very good high school. The educators are generally
very involved and focused on helping
the kids actually learn and not just pass tests. There is way too much focus on
the football program at the expense of other sports and extracurricular
activities. A helicopter to aerate the field? The largest weight room in the
state? Sad but true.
Submitted by a parent

5 out of 5 stars

Posted February 7, 2006

think that Lake Travis has a wonderful academic program
that is opening up quickly to include
even more special benefits for our kids. They have exciting new electives and
tons of AP classes that help the kids prepare for high school. There are lots of
extracurricular activities, but the main one is football. Our kids have finally
gotten to the play offs and we have quite a few graduating seniors going to
Division 1 schools. The parents are highly involved; we have a thriving PTA.
Overall, a great school.
Submitted by a former student

4 out of 5 stars

Posted September 11, 2005

a good school. Great sports program.

Submitted by a parent