Friday Night Lights gets it when it comes to College Admissions

I’m sorry to see Friday Night Lights go.  I just finished watching the fifth and last season.  It’s been one of my favorite shows on network TV.  It’s not without its flaws. I found some of the writing and acting annoying.  I also found it disturbing that there are so many scenes showing underage kids drinking, and not just at their parties but inside bars!  But there was also some excellent writing and in the final episodes I was surprised and impressed with the story line involving the mother Tami Taylor.  Her principal signed her up for a panel discussion on college admissions where she was discovered by a college administrator and later offered a job at the college.  Her point of view is exactly on target.  It’s too bad it’s only fiction.  Maybe the new Superintendent of Lake Travis School District that will replace Rocky Kirk will have a better understanding on the Race To Nowhere.

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