This month, we’ll have two games going. Halo 2 & Halo 3. We’ll also start a challenge ladder and have at least 2 dedicated stations setup for challenges.Perhaps this will be the transition month and next month we can standardize on Halo 3. That would mean I would need more folks to bring their XBOX 360’s AND Halo 3 games.We’ll kick things off a little later due to Football practice. Plan to arrive at 7:30. We won’t be ordering food this month due to the late hour.XBOXesOwner | Class | Game | LocationKneble|Classic|Halo2|Dwnstrs playroom TVKordes|Classic|Halo2| Dwnstrs playroom table (ScnCnv #1)Dees |360|Halo2|David’s Room (20″ LCD, ScnCnv #2)Kleymeyer | 360 | Halo 3 | Upstairs office HDTVHassinger|360|Halo3|Upstrs office (CmpstLCD, Hdphns)Hans |360|Halo3|DownFront(21″ LCD, ScnCnv #3)