We had a great night last night. We had six kids total and three adults. First, all the kids played a free for all to see how they ranked against each other. The standings were:

  1. Joey 25 kills
  2. Talon 19
  3. David 12
  4. Mickey 10
  5. Eric 5
  6. Tommy 5

The next game, we paired the boys and the result was:

  1. David & Mickey 25 Kills (David: 22, Mickey 3)
  2. Talon & Eric—-10 (Eric 7, Talon 3)
  3. Joey & Tommy -9 (Joey 5, Tommy 4)

Later on, the three adults Alan K, Alan C, & Matt took on ALL the boys. It was a bit disorganized with some of the boys getting used to determining who was on their team and who wasn’t. There was also some betrayals. Half the boys came downstairs complaining they were booted from the game. I learned that if you get betrayed from a team member a second time, you have the option of booting them from the game! And that’s precisely what happend! Needless to say, the adults won easily.

Take aways:

  1. Make sure the game you create has friendly fire turned off to disallow betrayals.
  2. Expect delays as newer members learn how to join games and learn how to recognize team mates from the enemies.
  3. Even with X-Link in the same house, it’s fun to use headsets

If you were there that night, leave your own comments to this post.
Another adult Billy joined us late with his XBOX and we had for XBOXes going at once with only 1 split screen. The network in the house worked flawlessly.