Why do parents send their kids to private schools?

There are some obvious reasons 5 here, 5 more here.

Private school teachers rarely have to worry about discipline. Students know that if they cause problems they will be dealt with swiftly and without recourse. A teacher who doesn’t have to be a traffic cop can teach.

While the major focus at most private high schools is getting you ready for college, your personal maturation and development go hand in hand with that academic preparation. That way, hopefully, you emerge from your high school with both a degree and some great purpose for your life and understanding of who you are.

In a private school it’s cool to be smart. That’s why you go to private school. In many public schools the kids who want to learn and who are smart are branded as nerds and become the objects of social ridicule. In private school it’s cool to be smart. The smarter you are, the more the school will do its best to stretch your intellect to its limits. That’s one of the things private schools do rather well.

Most private schools do not have to teach to a test. As a result, they can afford to focus on teaching your child how to think, as opposed to teaching her what to think. That’s an important concept to understand. In many public schools poor test scores can mean less money for the school, negative publicity and even the chance that a teacher could be reviewed unfavorably.

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